Covid-19 Policies & Procedures

Bed and Breakfast Locations

Our BnB locations (Clover Cottage and The Big Red Barn) are listed as an Open Home for Covid-19 Relief on AirBnB.  This means we're available to first responders and others helping on the front-line of this pandemic.  We have also modified our cleaning procedures to follow AirBnB's enhanced cleaning protocol, which includes allowing the space to ventilate (e.g., opening doors, turning on fans), cleaning and sanitizing surfaces, etc.

Weddings & Events

As long as we are permitted to host gatherings, we will continue to do so; however, we've created a number of new policies and procedures to ensure that events are as safe as possible for guests and our staff.  Even with extensive new policies and procedures in place to help prevent the spread of any communicable disease, including Covid-19, complete prevention may not be possible.  Attending a wedding or a gathering of people will inherently be risky during the pandemic.


Please remember that everyone is doing their best! The venue and the vendors present are following the state provided guidelines.  Clients may also be asking for additional safety measures.  As guests, please be respectful of all these guidelines and help celebrate safely together. 


When the state or county has a mask ordinance in place, guests will be asked to follow that order.  However, even without such ordinances, our guests will be asked, but not required, to wear face coverings at all times except when eating and drinking.   Our staff will be wearing face coverings and/or shields at all times.  Disposable masks will also be provided to guests.  Please note that clients hosting the event may choose to require face coverings! Please help them have a great day and follow their wishes as their guest. 

Food & Beverage Areas

We will not be permitting self-serve buffet and drink stations (in which multiple people touch serving spoons and drink dispensers) during the pandemic.  Instead, we will be working with clients to have food and beverage areas staffed to avoid spreading Covid-19. The staff will wear appropriate personal protective gear and practice safe food handling procedures.  In addition, we have installed a plexiglass shield on the buffet and bar areas.  


Please maintain a 6' foot social distance from others that are not in your "family bubble" (i.e., those that are already regularly exposed to each other, as members of the same household are). Tables and chairs will be placed further apart to encourage social distancing.  There will also be social distancing reminder signs throughout the venue.


Although we don't sell alcohol on premises, clients often provide alcohol to their guests at weddings and other events.  We have decided to follow the guidance outlined in "Rule 80" and stop the distribution of alcohol at 10:00 p.m.  Consumption of alcohol must end at 11:00 p.m.  


Soap and hand sanitizer will be available in all bathroom areas, as usual.  We encourage frequent hand-washing.


During the pandemic we are unable to provide valet because getting in and out of different people's cars risks spreading Covid-19.  Instead, we can provide golf car shuttles upon request by clients.


Guests are asked to not attend if you are currently experiencing any symptoms of Covid-19.  Also, please let the us know (and the client that invited you!) know if you develop symptoms AFTER attending an event at Eight Leafed Clover.  This will help us alert others who may be exposed so they can seek help if needed. 

Thorough Sanitizing Between Events

All dishes and linens are washed/laundered in high temperatures to eliminate Covid-19 and other communicable diseases.  All chairs, bathrooms, and common areas will also be thoroughly washed down with sanitzer between events (and periodically during events). 

Livestreaming Wedding Ceremony, Virtual Receiving Line, and Zoom Reception 

Livestream the Ceremony

We will livestream the ceremony for guests that are unable to make your wedding, upon request of the client. 

Virtual Receiving Line

After the ceremony, many newlyweds “receive” their guests at a receiving line where the guests line up after the ceremony and take turns giving you their well wishes, hugs, and kisses.  This is obviously not going to be a safe practice for 2020.  However, we can set-up a virtual receiving line upon the request of the client!  We will set up a recording station where guests, one by one, can walk up and give their well-wishes.  Guests will be asked to wait 6 foot about in the receiving line.  Guests not attending in person will also be able to record and send their well-wishes. 

Zoom Reception

We will be setting up a large screen in the reception barn to welcome reception guests virtually through Zoom.  They will be able to join the reception from their homes.  Of course, they can’t enjoy the food you serve, but, they’ll be able to watch, listen to the speeches, and even give their own speeches.  After dinner, in-person reception guests can “visit” with the zoom reception guests as well!

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