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Hold Your Event at Eight Leafed Clover

Learn more about hosting events like birthdays, retirements, and other social events.

Read more about our 3+ acres, which includes 2 barns, a swimming pond, formal gardens, large green spaces, all in a secluded rural setting. 

Have the wedding of your dreams at Eight Leafed Clover.  We offer comprehensive and flexible packages to meet your nuptial needs!

Bed & Breakfast

We have TWO onsite Bed & Breakfast facilities on our private, 4+ acre estate.  At either location guests can enjoy our large swimming pond and dock, formal gardens, and beautiful lawns.  Read more about our facilities by checking out our FAQ page.  Or, start making your reservation at Clover Cottage or the Big Red Barn!

Our Red Barn

Our modern Red Barn (build in 1996) features an open floor plan, heat/air-conditioning, full kitchen, deluxe master bath, a king bed and 1 futon.



Eight Leafed Clover is our home, and we are happy to share it with old friends and friends to come! Our lives were touched with a bit of magic and luck when we met as "professors" at a Hogwarts Summer Camp.  We fell in love, and started the process of blending our beautiful family of 8 (the 8 leaves on our clover!). Mike brought four kids, Sarah brought two kids, and now we raise all 6 on this gorgeous estate. Of course, we have a village behind us, including the children's other moms, our extended family, and our amazing network of friends.

Mike is at Eight Leafed Clover full-time with the family and business.  Sarah teaches Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at a local university.

We look forward to meeting you!

~Sarah & Mike Rainey-Smithback



7033 County Road 11

Risingsun, Ohio 43457




We are available by phone Mondays-Fridays 8:00am-3:00pm. Since we also live here, we kindly ask that you respect our privacy and schedule all visits to Eight Leafed Clover.

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